Jaeb’s Food Forest, Kilauea HI

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While working for Sustainable Design, LLC. and with Co-Permaculture Designer Gary Seals (Sol Systems, LLC.), I led our crew in the planting of this one-acre food forest.


The site started as a compacted sod, devoid of topsoil due to decades of commercial sugar cane and pineapple farming. Cover-cropping, chicken tractors, composting, ground covers, and extensive sheet mulching were used to build healthy structure in the soil. Soil Microbiological development was monitored by Soil Food Web every three months, allowing us to quantitatively asses and improve upon our methods of soil remediation over time.


The mixed polyculture includes over fifty species of tropical fruit and other multi-purpose trees. Ground covers include perennial legumes and edible sweet potato greens, as well as natives to the Hawaiian Islands. The food forest is producing abundant and delicious perennial vegetables within its first year, such as moringa, katuk, sweet potato, and the sweet potatoe’s edible tops, as well as, papayas, coconuts, apple bananas, starfruit, and pomegranate. All the rest of the fruit trees should begin to produce within the next three years, providing diverse fruits year round.


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