From James McSweeney

ONEECOLOGY.COM is an introduction to me and my portfolio in sustainable agriculture development.

My life’s work is in service to people and the earth, building alignment between our cultivated environments and the natural world. I believe that striking a balance between the highly concentrated system of resource management used by the current industrial growth economy and the highly dispersed resources necessary to maintain earth’s natural systems is the great undertaking of our time.

Since 2002 when I took my Permaculture Designer and Consultant’s Certificates, I have continued to study methods for initiating cultural change through a wide variety of complementary applications, including:

  • BA in Agroecology from Prescott College
  • Compost systems design and training
  • Farm and garden design and consultation
  • Food forest and orchard plantings
  • Stone work and water harvesting earthworks
  • Plant propagation and heritage cultivar preservation
  • Applied ethnobotany and crop selection
  • Cover cropping, composting systems, and soil remediation science
  • Organic crop protection
  • Irrigation design and installation
  • Plant ecology and field work

For the past four years I have worked with Highfields Center for Composting as Senior Compost Specialist providing technical services to farmers, commercial operations, schools, and the general public  www.highfieldscomposting.org. I am always looking for opportunities where I can continue to support the development of sustainable ecological solutions. I thrive best on team oriented projects, where I can collaborate with people who bring a wide range of professional backgrounds and skills. My approach to project management balances a strong goal orientation with attention to individual and interpersonal wellness.

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Jamie on a Tractor James preparing a school garden with the non-profit Malama Kauai at Hanalei Elementary School.